Born and raised in France, I grew up moving between a number of different cities in my beautiful country.
At 19, I moved to Paris, to study Graphic Communication followed by Film; two different fields that I like to unite in my work.
After completing school in 2012, I decided to make my 20th move to a new city, namely Vancouver, Canada.

I am passionate about my craft and always try to surpass myself with new challenges.
My background in Film influences me a lot in my artistic direction, making story telling my priority, as dramatic set-ups and the intention of bringing emotions.

I enjoy traveling, deep conversations, creating with like-minded people, dancing, making high pitch sounds every time I walk by a cute animal… simple moments of life such as the Fall light hitting colourful trees or sitting at a patio and observe people going through their day.
But what I enjoy the most, is that unique sensation of discovering and being amazed by a new place.